A Gentle Seated Practice to Shift Your Perspective

Yoga For Beginners

Are your thought patterns stuck in a rut? According to the ancient spiritual tradition of Vedanta, there’s a concept that can help you elude its clutches. Pratipaksha bhavana is the idea of shifting your perspective to a higher ideal. 

Here, Rina Jakubowicz—yoga teacher, author, and creator of YJ’s new class series, Empowered Vinyasa—leads a gentle five-minute practice to help you embody pratipaksha bhavana when you’re seeing the world through a negative filter. This yummy sequence will help you find peace and loosen up your neck, shoulders, and upper spine.

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Feel like you’ve lost your sense of Self in the noise of social media or societal expectations? It’s time to get on the mat and reclaim who you are. Join author and yoga teacher Rina Jakubowicz for Empowered Vinyasa: Journey to Your Highest Self, a series of 10 yoga classes and companion dharma talks that zero in on principles of yoga philosophy—from The Bhagavad Gita and the Hindu spiritual tradition Vedanta—that are essential to self-exploration. Sign up today!

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