Guided Kundalini Meditation, Truth Within!

Kundalini Meditation
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Guided Kundalini Meditation by Brain Sync – Kelly Howell…

Kelly Howell brings 30 year’s experience to her expertise. She has been cited by the Mayo Clinic as “renown for her pioneering work in healing and mind expansion (and) visionary recording techniques.” She has collaborated with neuroscientists and biofeedback therapists to invent a sophisticated sound recording technique that makes Brain Sync programs more effective. The result is the most elegant and effective brainwave synchronization audio programs available in the world today. You’ll feel the effects from the very first time you listen. With regular use, you’ll establish new healthy patterns that last. Brain Sync programs use window frequencies – extremely precise frequencies that fit through narrow biological windows to impact the body at the cellular level. The choice of frequencies selected for each program is based on biofeedback research. Programs are designed to help you self-generate optimized brain states exhibited by remarkable men and women.

How Brainwave Technology Works
Brain Sync audio programs deliver pure and precisely tuned sound frequencies to the brain to drive brain activity into high level states of mind. These are brain states known as Alpha for heightened creativity and deep relaxation; Beta for high focus and concentration; Theta for meditation, insight and memory; Delta for deep sleep and healing; and Gamma to increase cognition and improve IQ.

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