Prenatal Yoga | First Trimester Flow for Experienced Students with Briohny Smyth

Yoga For Women
This is a preview of Briohny Smyth’s Prenatal Glow yoga classes. Please note: This prenatal yoga class is best for women who already have an existing yoga practice, and/or have previous experience with yoga. Consult your physician before starting any new practices.

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You’ll work your whole body with this gentle, prenatal yoga flow with pre-natal certified yoga instructor and mother of two, Briohny Smyth. Flow through a modified version of surya namaskar A to find heat in your body from head to toe. Take this class at your own pace and always remember to consult with your doctor to assure exercise is safe for you at this time in your pregnancy!

This yoga series provides expectant mommas with everything needed to continue a safe and strong yoga practice in the first trimester of pregnancy. The prenatal yoga classes will inform and keep you in shape as you embark on your amazing journey of motherhood!

The 4 hours of yoga classes were developed specifically for the first trimester. The three flow classes are filled with modifications and will build heat to give you that coveted mommy-to-be glow. The five informational videos answer all your questions about core work, twists, inversions and more. Briohny also provides effective exercises you can incorporate into the flow videos. The two dynamic stretch videos are perfect for days you want a softer practice and will help you find the perfect balance between flexibility, stability and strength.

Your yoga practice can be a key way to find balance amidst the physical and emotional changes experienced during your first trimester of pregnancy. This is a time to listen to your body and to stay healthy to set yourself up for the healthiest pregnancy, birth and smooth recovery.

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