Unlock The Power of Bikram Hot Yoga

Bikram Yoga
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Unlock The Power of Bikram Hot Yoga

This is the webinar everybody is talking about.

Host Bill Thwaites discuss how going into the hot room, attacking the postures with the same headspace you cultivated as a beginner, will make your journey needlessly long and arduous.

It’s now time to LET GO of the your beginners mindset of simply stretching yourself INTO a posture.

The true power of Bikram hot yoga only comes when you focus on applying your strength to OPEN the Body with an Aware & Claim Mind.

Getting yourself INTO a posture and OPENING OUT to a posture are polar opposite mindsets, requiring completely different muscle groups. Your mind & body conversation is different. You

Cannot Do Both.


Your studio class is unchanged – just your approach is enhanced and your results explode.

Is it time you start your next chapter?

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