Bikram Yoga Fat Burning

Bikram Yoga
We all know that Yoga’s benefits are supposed to be huge. But, how many of you have tried it and not experienced the benefits for yourself? It can be more stressful than stress relieving sometimes, and it can have other negative effects on the body that are totally unwanted, like pain, which is why we wanted to do a Yoga Burn review. The author, Zoe Bray-Cotton, says that she can help you finally experience all the benefits you want from Yoga with a few secrets (details about the secrets here). But does she really know something that you haven’t already heard? Is this really something that will make yoga a life-changing exercise? Let’s take a closer look at her yoga secrets.

Yoga Burn is a 12-week follow-along video series. You watch and do what she does from anywhere in your home, or, anywhere you can take your laptop or tablet.

The program works through 3 unique phases. This must mean that each phase lasts about 4 weeks, considering it is a 12-week program.

Phase 1: Foundation – This is where you build a foundation of strength and flexibility. There are supposed to be some unique poses in this phase that were created to tighten up your problem areas and boost your metabolism, so you will also be getting your metabolism back on track which will help it work even harder in the next phase.

Phase 2: Transitional Flow – You will build upon your foundation with poses that can really reshape your body and give you the yoga sculpting benefits we all want. Again, in this phase you will be introduced to yoga poses you won’t find anywhere else. This phase also has specific sequences to boost your mood.

Phase 3: Mastery Flow – Once you reach this phase, you will use what you’ve learned, and more, to transform your body even more than you did in phase 1 and 2. This is where you will see some incredible results, and feel and look more comfortable with your yoga abilities.

You also get 2 bonuses with the program.

If you want to listen to what is happening on the beach or in a remote location without a clunky tablet, then this bonus is for you. You get an audio version where you can simply download the MP3 to your favorite listening device. This is supposed to still be a step-by-step version, so don’t worry if you haven’t totally mastered the moves as you will be walked through them.

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