Gentle Prenatal Yoga (FREE Class)

Gentle prenatal yoga felt like an appropriate class to release this Mother’s Day 🙂

Now, I know, I know– not everyone is pregnant and not everyone is a mother (or wants to be!), but as long as the topic of prenatal yoga or pregnancy isn’t triggering for you, I’d say this class is a really good one to help you feel GOOD. 

You could totally think of it like this: your pregnant friend just asked if you’d go with her to this gentle prenatal yoga class. You’re super cool & down for anything, so you say, “SURE! Why the heck not?!” 😉 

Give it a try yourself or pass it along to someone you know who could use it 😉

Wishing you all a wonderful day– Mother or not! <3

PS: If you like this class, there’s a whole category of full length prenatal yoga classes inside Bad Yogi Studio. BYS will carry you through your pregnancy and beyond with plenty of pregnancy safe options as well as over 60 HOURS of regular yoga! Start your free trial today by clicking here! 🙂


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