What are the Benefits of Each Kundalini Meditation?

Kundalini Meditation
What are the Benefits of Each Kundalini Meditation?
– Sunny, Hong Kong

Be Blessed
Thank you for asking

In Kundalini meditation, there are various forms

Third Eye Awakening

Ajna Chakra

Mind recognises life force



Many years we have been distracted by

Pressure, taste, smell, light and sound

With life force pulsation

no more distraction with sensations

Stay with life force pulsation

Only touch or pressure sense in betwen eyebrows

Improve concentration

Choose good actions

Avoid pain

Indulgences in sensations will come down

Regulate sleep

Regulate diet

At Thureeyam Crown Chakra,

Brain functions at Alpha

8 to 13 cycles per second (CPS)

Mind gets sublimated

Life force begins to look at consciousness

Fourth awakening state

Inner consciousness awakening state

Crown Chakra meditation

Benefits inner travel

Access Karmic Records

Inherited (Sanchita Karma)

Stored in this birth (Praraptha Karma)

Desire based (Akamiya Karma)

All three Karmas will open up for us

Use the power to superimpose

Get rid of Karmas

At Ajna, Akamiya Karma will be neutralised

At Thureeya chakra, Akamiya and Praraptha Karma will be neutralised

At the Thureeyatheetham Level,

project the mind to the Universe

and Beyond the Universe

Almighty static state

Superconsciousness state

Akamiya, Praraptha and Sanchita Karmas

All three Karmas Will be neutralised

In that state, mind becomes non-existent

Life force pulsation non-existent

We become one with the almighty state

In that state, only Theta and Delta frequencies of the mind

4-7 CPS is Theta

0.5 to 3 CPS is Delta

At such subtle frequencies, you become still

Thoughtless state

Initially, it will be possible for a few seconds

Over time, with practice, you will remain thoughtless for long

In SKY Yoga system gifted to us by

Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi

Shanthi meditation

You meditate on your life force at Mooladhara Chakra

Root chakra

Life force gets transformed into physical energy

Biomagnetic energy

With Shanthi meditation, you achieve balance

Awakening dangers are NO MORE

SKY System is safe and simple

With Shanthi, metabolism improves

Nutrition better

Health better

Sleep better

Overcome fears

Avoid bad dreams

Other four chakra

Swatishtana, Manipuraha, Anahadha and Visuddhi

Apart from Mooladhara, Ajna and Sahasrara

All chakras are opened in advanced level SKY workshops

All chakras will help us to improve ourselves




Sunny, thanks for you for asking

Thanks all


Inspire me

Be Blessed,
Krish Murali Eswar.

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Life force gets transformed into physical energy,

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Awakening dangers are NO MORE,

SKY System is safe and simple,

With Shanthi, metabolism improves,

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Health better,




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