Yoga for Men – TOP 5 Yoga Exercises for ‘Tight’ Beginners

Yoga For Men
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Hey guys…Yoga is worth it. If you’re a guy, if you train heavy, if your body is tight, sore or dealing with “old” injuries, it’s time to give it something it needs…Yoga. This is not a replacement for your weight training, this is supplemental programming that will go a long way to saving your body from wear and tear.

Yoga has been around for centuries. And it’s not just for the ladies. It’s also not just for stretching and becoming more flexible. Yoga can help make you strong in ways you didn’t realize. Yoga will help make you better at BREATHING, yes, that autonomic thing we all do but take for granted.

Try doing these 5 yoga exercises/poses that Coach Zach instructs you through. A bunch of the guys here at CriticalBench have been doing these movements for several weeks now and it’s paying off big time. Keep doing your weight training, your heavy days, your powerlifting workouts but add in some Yoga too, your body will thank you for it….Namaste!

Here are the FIVE exercises Yoga Instructor Zach Zenios shows:

1. Half Split
2. Cat Cow
3. Strap Assisted Hamstring & Hip Stretch
4. Pigeon Pose
5. Reclined Bound Angle w/ Strap & Chest Opener

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