Yoga for Beginners – 30-Minute Beginner Yoga Class with Ashton August

Yoga For Beginners
Jump into this great beginner yoga class designed for the new yogi. You’ll enjoy an energizing warm-up, followed by a slow and intentional moving flow with international yoga instructor Ashton August.

Ashton will guide you through an accessible beginner yoga class geared towards beginner yogis where you’ll practice key yoga poses and also break down important alignment tips, along with helpful modifications to help you access each yoga pose.

You’ll come away feeling strong and invigorated, yet also more enlightened on how to approach the most common yoga poses you’ll find in a typical yoga class.

Yoga poses you’ll practice in this beginner yoga flow:

Seated Spinal Twist
Table Top
Cat/Cow Pose
Downward Facing Dog
Plank Pose
Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara A)
Low Lunge
High Crescent Lunge
Warrior Two
Wide Leg Forward Fold
Happy Baby Pose
and more!

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