Jai Jagdeesh, Kundalini Meditation For Self-Blessing & Guidance by Intuition

Kundalini Meditation
Filmed at the BaliSpirit Festival, 2017, much-loved international mantra singer and Kundalini yogi, Jai-Jagdeesh, guides us through the meditation that, in her own words, “changed my whole life.”

The Kundalini Meditation for Self-Blessing and Guidance by Intuition takes just 11 minutes and is “hard, but valuable”, combining a posture of self-blessing with an 8-stroke breath, suspending the breath out and the silent vibration of the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma (the cycle of existence: Infinity/Birth – Life – Death – Rebirth).

The meditation is performed with the eyes closed.

Experience the field of bliss and grace, as you meditate to the sacred sounds of Jai’s voice, accompanied by Raymond Sicam on flute and cello.

Sat Nam.

To discover more about Jai’s music and events, visit her website: http://jaijagdeesh.com

My deep and heartfelt gratitude to Prem Prashad, who was my co-creator in this production, for the beautiful camerawork, sound recording, design input and creative editing. Your gifts and dedicated hard work shine through. Namaste.

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