Yoga Nidra Self Empowerment: The Throat Chakra Vishuddhi (Access The Akashic Records)

Kundalini Meditation
This self empowerment yoga nidra session guides you into the inner space of your being to encounter the throat chakra, Vishuddhi. Awakening Vishuddhi connects you to your center of intuitive intelligence where you can perceive unlimited knowledge from the Akashic Records.

Bija Mantra: Ham |
Deva: Sri Bhagavan Dattatreya |
Shakti: Shakini |
Full Mantra: Om Hrim Dram Dattatreya Hare Krishna Unmata Ananda Dayaka Digambara Mune Balapishacha Jnana Sagara Dram hrim Om ||

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ॐ शान्तिः

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