Kundalini Yoga for Women – Beginner Kriya for Menopause Symptoms

Yoga For Women
Today’s class we will be doing ‘kundalini yoga for women’ practice. We’ll be focusing on feminine health, this kriya aids with menopause or menopause symptoms both for prevention of early onset menopause and to balance your energy if you’re going through menopause symptoms right now. This yoga for menopause practice is also great if you just want to balance your energy. My Beginner Kundalini Yoga Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DO_GgchYPA&list=PLPJTnhnYa-pNE87xywB5w_PLBgigV2Do_
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If you haven’t done any kundalini yoga or kriya before especially that this routine is a kundalini yoga for women class, it is prescribed movements that have been handed down in a particular sequence. We’re doing most of the moves in this beginner kriya for two minutes each. I love this kriya! It’s very interesting, challenging and there’s a lot of poses that are unusual. In this beginner kriya for menopause symptoms, we do a lot of standing, breath of fire and different poses.

Kundalini Yoga shares a wide realm of specialized meditations for women so that she can excel in her own identity of self and confront with grace the challenges which life brings her.

A small however important wisdom is to cultivate the excellence, inner strength and discipline to face all difficulties. Eliminate the hope that they will disappear.

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