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Welcome to the Body Mind Zone 24/7 Sleep Live Sleep Music Stream! Enjoy our best Sleep Music anytime, anywhere. Let us know in the comments where you’re enjoying the Live Stream from 🙂

Body Mind Zone has some of the most Relaxing Sleep Music on YouTube. With our Sleep Music, you can achieve Deep Sleep, Beat Insomnia, Fall Asleep Quickly and practice Sleep Meditation.

Sleep Music can produce a state of Deep Relaxation which can assist with Stress Relief, Meditation, Peaceful Sleep. The music also includes frequencies of theta waves and delta waves. The Relaxing Sleep Music will also make you fall asleep fast and have sweet dreams.

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● Meditation and Healing:…
Our Meditation and Healing Music is ideal for reaching a deeper state of consciousness and self-healing. Our listeners have used the music in conjunction with top guided meditations from the likes of Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey and Russell Simmons. Our music will guide you into a deep meditation and allow your body to reach a state of deep healing, for body, mind and spirit. We’ve also taken inspiration from Tibetan and Shamanic sounds, to give you a wide selection of quality meditative sounds.

● Relaxation and Spa:…
Our Relaxation and Spa Music is ideal for winding down and calming the mind. Use this music during treatment, or simply relaxing at home. The beautifully light sounds will transport your busy mind and tired body into a state of bliss and contentment.

● Reiki & Zen:…
Our Reiki Music and Zen Music is uniquely created to make your Reiki healing sessions as effective as possible. The calming sounds are blended with frequencies that allow the healer to reach the ideal consciousness for healing and encourages a state of relaxation and openness to Reiki healing. The unobtrusive sounds are also ideal for meditation and encouraging a state of Zen.

● Study & Concentration:…
Our Study Music is created to bring your mind and body into a state of focused relaxation, perfect for studying and concentration. Our music is blended with Alpha Waves, encouraging a high level of focus to make the most of your studies and productivity.

● Binaural Mind States:
Many of the tracks include Binaural Brain Waves that can be used to enter different mind frequencies. It can be used for studying music and revision for when you need to be creative, focused and have good concentration. Many people find Brainwave entrainment useful for deep sleep to help you fall asleep easy, and also have enough rest to start the day fresh. Binaural Brainwaves can be used for meditation, study music, creativity, deep sleep and many more benefits. Many mothers use it as baby music, and lullabies to help their babies sleep.

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