Why!? Real men do Yoga 💪/ Ashtanga vinyasa/A flow of 5 dimensions

Yoga For Men
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People(specially men) often consider Yoga as a merely stretching but it is NOT. Yoga is a science having 3000+ yrs of history, to make it clear it works physically, emotionally and spiritually. when it comes to physical level has 5 dimensions.

Coming to 5 dimensions and how these dimensions will enhance our wellbeing when compared to weight training (comparisons will help to understand concepts much better):

-Forward bends Generally used in fitness to strengthening hamstrings & Lats.
-Backward bends Use to build pectoral muscles and back muscles.
-Twisting To burn fat around the oblique.
-Balancing To strengthen core muscles and intensifying the workout.

Where as in Yogic science without using external weights (resistance) just using your own body gives abundant benefits and its much more challenging then what you think of!

How ?

Forward bends :
-stretch the entire backside of the body – from head to heels.
-Tone and stimulate the internal organs
-Increase circulation to the pelvic organs
-and many therapeutic benefits.

Backward bends:
-stretch the hip flexors.
-They build strength and power in the legs, arms and back muscles
-Overcoming our fears.

Twisting postures :
-Twisting postures help realign the relationship between the shoulder girdle and the spine, and between the pelvis and the spine.
-Cleanse your organs
-Comprehensive and neutralising

Balancing postures :
-Improve the power of concentration
-Improvements in strength and stability and balance during your practice and in your daily life.
-Balance poses provide emotional benefits, as well as physical benefits

and …..one more important dimension is The Inversions:
-Increase immunity and prevent illness
-Turning yourself upside down encourages venous return.
-Improves the function of lungs.
-Controls pituitary functions
-Enhances RBC formation and many more…

These are few benefits for gross physical body which is challenging, intensifying, calming and apart from these will be benefitted in numerous other ways like mental, emotional, and spiritual, more details will be explained in up coming videos.

So here is a flow to show you all how important Yoga and not only limited to men or women but its for total human being.

Yoga is a boon to the mankind which has a theoretical and practical evidences so guys let’s use this in proper way and excel our lives to the fullest.

Be healthy, Be happy, Be in harmony

Yoga Demo by : Bharath Ramachandra (Msc.Yoga/QCI II/ERYT 500 ashtanga)
Gratitude to shri Bharath shetty sir mysore

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