Easy Back Pain Relief & Hip Stretching Yoga for Men – Happy Baby Tutorial

Yoga For Men
Are you doing happy baby on a regular basis? If not, let me help.

Happy baby is a fantastic pose that helps to immediately relieve pain and discomfort in your lower-back caused by excessive sitting, inactivity, or other hip tightness-related issue. However, if your hips are tighter than most (i.e. if you’re a man), then you might want to modify the way you do it.

To avoid overstretching your lower-back, you’ll want to keep your low-back as flat as possible. Bend your knees more or use a strap so you can keep your lower-back touching or as close to the ground as possible. Focus on feeling the stretch in your inner thighs by driving your knees toward the outsides and closer to your shoulders. Press your feet actively into your hands, and pull your feet toward the ground with your hands. Finally, try to keep your core tight as you do so. Avoid straining your neck, as well.

Hold this for at least 45 seconds, and up to 90 seconds. If you work at a desk, this will become one of your favorite, go-to stretches!

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