Yoga for Beginners | Beginner Yoga Breathing (60 mins) | Yoga with Dr. Melissa West 252

Yoga For Beginners
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This 60 min yoga for beginners hatha yoga class will teach you yoga breathing exercises. We will begin by exploring pranayama or breathing: quite simply we will explore your inhalation, your breath in and your exhalation your breath out. Then we will do a yoga routine for beginners that will include beginner yoga poses to open up your chest, back, side body and soften your belly for pranayama breathing exercise. Finally we will practice some basic yoga breathing techniques including three part breath and beginner alternate nostril breathing.

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Yoga Breathing for Beginners, Yoga with Melissa 252

Your breath in inspires, elevates, invigorates and gives life and nourishment to all the cells of your body. Your breath out releases, detoxifies, grounds and helps you to let go.

This beginner’s yoga class on breath teaches the fundamentals on breath. Quite simply we will explore inhalation, the breath in and exhalation, the breath out. Additionally we will stretch the container of the breath through yoga postures or asanas that open up the chest, back, side body and soften the belly. Finally we will practice some beginner breath practices including three part breath and beginner alternate nostril breathing.

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