Backbends for Beginners

Yoga For Beginners
I’ve heard so many requests for “how to” start with heartopening and backbending, so I made this 30-minute sequence for a beginner’s guide to backbends! Hope its helpful!

Video now live on YouTube (link via bio or story highlight)
The first time you watch this, listen through for all the alignment cues, repeat this class 2-3 times a week (you can mute the video and play your own music softly, listen for your breath and close your eyes to explore the sensations within the pose – if any negative thoughts come up, observe them and try to replace them with positive thoughts: think I will become more flexible, take pause and breathe trying to find the comfort within the discomfort), eventually you can incorporate these stretches into a daily routine. I show variations for “next steps” – so as the stretches become easier you’ll know how to advance and add on. If the stretches feel intense, just stay at the first variation or modify (you’ll have to watch the whole video for modifications, sorry Im still working on how to make videos! its a learning process for me :P)

Studio space: hot yoga revolution (
Yoga props: yoga hustle (

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