Kundalini Awakening Guided Meditation – Greater Intuition & Empath Skills Series Part 2b

Kundalini Meditation
Welcome to this guided meditation to awaken your Kundalini. This Powerful Kundalini Awakening is Part 2. This is within the series for increasing your intuition and skills as an empath. If you already have it open then please feel free to skip this part however if you do not please open your kundalini before moving on. It will greatly enhance your skills later on.

To many people do not understand intuition and think of empaths as weird people but in fact these things are way more common than you think. Being an empath and having ADHD, ADD or dyslexia and the like are extremely common yet not the only people.

If you are interested in knowing what empaths are and what intuition is and are looking to increase your skills and powers then watch this video and then go on to the Guided Meditation:

All to often the signs you are an empath or have intuitive skills are over looked and ignored to the detriment of those people. So please take the chance to awaken your abilities and develop your skills and make this world a little bit of a brighter place to live.

Please enjoy this video and then move onto the Guided mediation.

Oh, here is the Intuition Course I mention in the Video incase you are interest:




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