Ananda Giri – The Oneness Chakra Meditation

Kundalini Meditation
The Oneness Chakra Meditation takes you on the gently heaving waves of the music of Maneesh De Moor and the deep meditative singing of Sri Ananda Giri. This meditation lasts less than forty minutes and provides deep integration. Not only spiritually exciting, but also musically very rewarding. Flute, glockenspiel and timeless resonance of Tibetan singing bowls bring the listener into a deeper congruency with life. The overall effect of this CD is a deep synchronization of body and mind through the coordination of the various individual chakras.

With each chakra is associated a sound 7 x chanted, followed by a chant that the Kundalini awakens. This meditation can be himself participated, but is also suitable for listening. It can be done at different times in the day. In the early morning just after waking up or just before bedtime are fine moments. Lying listen you can easily bring the dream to the Samadhi-wake state.

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