Looking for Journaling Inspiration? These 31 Prompts Can Transform Your Writing Practice

Whether you love grabbing your journal and pouring out your innermost thoughts or you loathe the thought of it, here’s all the prompts you need to feel more connected to yourself and those around you.

Here are the best journaling prompts to help your thoughts flow.

Journaling can be a divisive topic. Give some people the blank page and they can pour out their innermost thoughts and dreams freely and easily. For others, beautifully bound journals collect dust, eventually joining the journal graveyard in the far reaches of the basement.

Enter Moorea Seal’s new book, 52 Lists for Togetherness: Journaling Inspiration to Deepen Connections with Your Loved Ones, which is filled with beautiful prompts that offer endless thought-starters for meaningful writing that flows naturally.

Here, Seal shares 31 prompts from her book to help you get your creative journaling juices flowing.

Looking to look inward?

It’s been said many ways, but RuPaul said it best: “Honey, if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

To be able to thoughtfully give love to those around us, we must all first learn how to embrace the unique people that we are, loving and investing in ourselves with intention and respect. So, why not peel back the layers of who you are to reveal the vibrant and unique person at your core, as well as who you are within the relationships that matter most to you. After all, so much of who you are has been shaped by the community surrounding you throughout your life, whether those people were chosen as friends or were people you grew up knowing. From habits and skills to goals and passions, so much of your unique perspective shapes how you grow in togetherness with others.

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These prompts give you a chance to reflect on your younger self, the values you have developed as you have grown wiser over the years, and the person you aspire to be.

– List the friends, family, coworkers, mentors, and others who come to mind when you hear the word community.
– List everything you feel grateful for at this present point in your life.
– List the ways your life is different now from how it was one year ago.
– List the fictional couples, friends, and communities that you love from books, movies, and media.
– List the mantras and guiding words you want to live by.
– List the activities you liked to do (by yourself or with others) as a child.
– List the reasons why you should feel proud of yourself.
– List the qualities you would like to have if you were a superhero or villain.
– List the lessons you have learned from people older than you.
– List the ways you would describe yourself to someone who wants to get to know you at your core. What unique qualities make up your personality?

Looking to feel more connected to your community?

The company we keep so often reflects the people we are. And each of our communities looks different because each one of us is complex in our desires and needs, our experiences of highs and lows in our lives, and how we react to and interact with our diverse set of friends and family. For some, it is easier to gravitate toward one-on-one relationships where delving into deep conversation is the main mode of connection. For others, it feels more natural to find groups of people where activity, lightness, and energy flow with ease.

No matter what sort of community involvement feels easiest for you, it’s through finding a balance of engaging with others in ways that feel comfortable as well as in challenging ourselves to expand in how we interact that we find ourselves feeling truly connected to those around us. It’s the unique worlds we create by uniting together with our loved ones that make each relationship feel so special.

52 Lists for Togetherness by Moorea Seal

52 Lists for Togetherness by Moorea Seal

These prompts inspire you to reflect on your favorite moments with the ones you love, the things that have brought you together, and the things you value and treasure in your current relationships.

– List the places where your most significant relationships grew.
– List the spaces and people in social media that bring you joy and inspiration.
– Choose a loved one and list their accomplishments that you are most proud of.
– Choose someone close to you and list the book, movie, and TV show characters that remind you of them.
– List the things about your loved one(s) that you would miss if you didn’t see each other for a long time.
– Choose someone close to you and list the dreams and predictions you have for them.
– List all of the crushes and romantic partners you’ve had in the past.
– List what you would buy for your loved ones if you had a million dollars to spend on them.
– List the songs that remind you of a loved one.
– List the ways that you feel similar to someone close to you.

Looking to feel more oneness with those you love?

From the vast ocean of humanity, you chose the individuals within your community for a reason. Perhaps it was a chance encounter, a blind date, or being born or adopted into the same family that brought you together. In the grand scheme of things, though, it is the decisions you make again and again that not only keep you connected to those in your community but also help you to develop deeper and longer-lasting relationships.

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These prompts may inspire you to look for ways to reach out to others to spark new opportunities to learn, laugh, go deeper, and feel more connected to those you love. Feel free to choose just one significant person to focus on while writing your lists to strengthen your one-on-one relationship, or explore connections with a few different people in your community—from family to friends to a romantic partner, mixing it up with each list.

– List what your dream vacation with one or a few of your best friends would look like.
– List the first things you bonded over with significant others in your life.
– List the ingredients (actions, intentions, activities, and sentiments) that support happy and healthy relationships for you.
– Choose someone close to you, get together, and list the skill sets you would each bring as individuals to surviving an apocalypse.
– Choose a loved one and list the ways that your backgrounds and upbringings are similar.
– List the ways that your background and upbringing are different from the loved one you wrote about in the previous list.
– Choose a loved one, get together, and create your shared bucket list.
– List the ways you have helped your loved ones through hard times.
– List the most memorable meals you have had with a loved one or members of your community.
– Choose a loved one, get together, and list the best gifts you and your loved one have ever received.
– List the things you would put in a time capsule for your favorite person to open in 20 years.

*(c)2018 By Moorea Seal. All rights reserved. Excerpted from 52 Lists for Togetherness by permission of Sasquatch Books.

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