AK62 Beginners Intermediate Power Vinyasa Yoga Class Weight Loss Flat Stomach Abs

Yoga For Beginners
Level 1-2-3 Vinyasa yoga class AK62

The focus is on weight loss supporting postures and movements. Strengthening the deep abdominal wall. The sequence is a progression of exercises that focuses on strength and core power. This class is ideal for beginner and intermediate students and even more advanced practitioners that are looking for a strong core sequence. Twists have a beneficial effect on the digestion, digestive organs, stomach / abdominal strength/ core integrity. This class is ideal for strengthening the abdominal wall, deepening the core connection, reducing abdominal fat, love handles, lower belly, upper abdominals, etc.
We are going to work on a lot of planks and plank step ins, set outs, step throughs, step across, etc.
We are going to work on stretching the hamstrings, hip flexors, gluteus, quadriceps. Strengthening the legs. Some of the metabolism boosting poses are – Jump lunges, core plank walks, side bends,etc.
Metabolism Boosting, strengthens the deep abdominal wall, addresses the obliques, lower abs, upper abs, legs. Hamstring stretches, hip flexor stretches. We will focus on BALANCING AND TWISTS.
Traditional triangles, cobras, downward facing dogs.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions, questions, etc.


P.S. If you hear some strange sounds in the background this is Sofie (my year old bulldog) snoring next to me while I am recording the voice over. 😛

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