The Battle is REAL for Women Who Practice Yoga

Yoga For Women
Excerpts from a talk on warfare by Derek Prince of Derek Prince Ministries.

In my experience as a former yoga teacher/studio owner/spiritual healer, women are being exploited by New Age Occultism which includes YOGA. We MUST educate ourselves on warfare that threatens our well-being and put up hedges to PROTECT our children!! It’s insane that YogaBot yoga classes for infants are popping up in churches in Tennessee.

WAKE-UP WOMEN WHO PRACTICE YOGA!! You are being used. Don’t let your heart go waxen cold and stone, as a result of partaking in things you “think” are harmless. Yoga is NOT “just” exercise and stretch – it opens the door to the enemy / demon influence – even to Christians. Are Christian women who do yoga acting in disobedience to Our Father Who Art in Heaven?

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