Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Reverse Any Negative Attitude, Frustration or Depression

Kundalini Meditation
This two part meditation immediately and spontaneously changes unwanted feelings and emotions to a positive and healthy state of mind. So take this meditation and put it in our emergency safety kit for those dark moments, when you really need a fast change for the better! It reverses any negative attitude, frustration or depression.
This meditation also helps break habitual patterns, which makes it very suitable for treatment of addictive behavior of any kind.

Your Kundalini Yoga Teacher in this Video is Danish Dayal Kaur founder of YogiSpirit.

The location of the video is a local skater park and underground hip hop hang out area here in Esbjerg, Denmark. It is a closed down maintenance facility for a railway station. It was empty for years until a bunch of young skaters started building their own skater park there. Dayal likes to shoot her videos in special locations like this, adding a contrast to the spiritual light in yoga. She believes the trashed up setting corresponds nicely to the mess most of us carry inside, and would like to show, that it is possible to bring light into this mess and chaos, and that the contrast can be quite beautiful actually! Yoga is for every one, not just the pure, healthy and already saved children of earth. With these videos she hopes to invite a different audience into the world of yoga by welcoming them in a scenery they can relate more too than a mellow flower field….

Dayal runs her own Yoga Centre in Esbjerg, Denmark, where she is also teaching yoga and meditation in a local treatment center for drug addiction. She is currently working on building an international online school of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. This will be available soon on www.YogiSpirit.tv

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“Keep up and you will be kept up”
Yogi Bhajan


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