21 Kundalini Meditation “Don’t Do” Tips For A Beginner

Kundalini Meditation
21 Kundalini Meditation
“Don’t Do” Tips For A Beginner

Meditation has changed my life
for the better in so many ways.

It has helped me become
more relaxed, peaceful, loving,
and accepting of myself.

I’m less inclined to fret about
the past or worry about the future.

Having taught meditation
for more than 30 years,
I’ve witnessed the remarkable
shifts hundreds of people
have made as they’ve learned
to meditate as well.

Many practitioners give up
meditating after their
initial euphoria dies out.

It’s easy to get frustrated
and drop your practice of meditation.

Here are 21 Important
Meditation “Don’t Do” Tips

1. Don’t Fret. Don’t be tense.

2. Posture matters,
but don’t get uptight about it.
Sit Comfortably.

3. Don’t control your breathing.
Breathe naturally.

4. Don’t engage with your mind.
Let thoughts come and go. Ignore them.

5. Don’t control your mind.
Let it wander.
Don’t reprimand yourself.
Be aware only of your life force.

6. Too many thoughts? Don’t worry.
It’s natural. Ignore them and meditate.

7. Meditation is not
the absence of thoughts.
With pratice, you will reach there.

8. Don’t become emotional.
Focus on your kundalini.

9. Ego wants to come along!
Don’t try too hard.
Meditation will bring calm, surely.

10. Painful memories and emotions may rise.
In time, the pattern will shift.
Learn Introspection technique.

11. Don’t concentrate too intently.

12. Don’t feel agitated
when you try to meditate.

13. Don’t let dullness stop you in meditation.
Breathe deep and gentle before meditation.
Exercise regularly.

14. Don’t fight with your mind.
Try to understand it.

15. Don’t be harsh on yourself.
Practice kindness for yourself.

16. Don’t meditate for long.
Meditate for 15-20 minutes twice a day.

17. Don’t meditate when you are sleepy.
Best time to meditate is early in the morning
And early in the evening.

18. Don’t meditate when your stomach is full.
Meditate on light stomach.

19. Don’t rush to learn all levels.
Learn and master each
level of Kundalini Meditation.

20. Don’t be alone.
Take Guidance from a trained master.

21. Don’t meditate alone all the time.
Join group meditation regularly.

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Awaken Your Kundalini.
Meditate on your Life Force.
Lead a Blissful Life.

Be Blessed by the Divine,
Krish Murali Eswar.
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