Happy Healthy Pelvic Floor | 15 minute Yoga Practice

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Happy Healthy Pelvic Floor 15 minute Yoga Practice!

Pelvic floor health isn’t something we talk a lot about but is critically important to overall health and wellbeing. Perhaps we ignore it because we can’t see it or measure it on a scale or with a tape measure but an imbalanced pelvic floor (one that’s too tight or too loose) can have major consequences on our core strength.

Throughout this practice we use our breath to help build pelvic floor awareness as we move through reclined and standing poses. This practice is especially beneficial pre-and postnatally.

Find a blog post to go alongside this yoga session at: https://www.carolinewilliamsyoga.com/secondary-blog-page/2018/2/21/15-min-healthy-happy-pelvic-floor

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