Yoga For Buttocks Reduction For Women ? The Yoga Burn Booty Challenge

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Yoga For Buttocks Reduction For Women ? The Yoga Burn Booty Challenge ➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡
The #Yoga Burn Booty #Challenge is a truly progressive and super easy to follow booty #shaping, tightening and toning routine designed exclusively for #women.

What makes this booty sculpting routine so unique and effective is the revolutionary Prime…Activate…Pump Method,

which was developed based on the proven principle of progressive overload.

Here’s How it Works:

P.A.P. is designed to ensure you do the right #exercise, in the right order, for the right amount of time, to perfectly target and work all 3 parts of the #booty to the max so that you get the best results possible out of every single workout.

By following the breakthrough Prime, Activate and Pump method you can look forward to finally seeing the very best booty-shaping results possible along with the improved health, energy, flexibility and faster metabolism that’s naturally delivered with a professionally designed workout…

And one of the best parts is that you can sculpt an amazing booty and experience all of these benefits without ever worrying about stepping foot into a gym, picking up a weight, or making it to a class on time.

For 12 weeks, you’ll be given 3 unique 15 minute routines to follow right from home or wherever you like – each of which will have a custom layout following this format:

Phase 1
The Priming Phase

The initial phase of each workout is called the Priming Phase which is designed to zap and wake up the glutes and to overcome the extremely common problem of “Sleepy Bum Syndrome”…

You may have heard of how so many women these days are suffering from Sleepy Bum Syndrome – A very common condition of the glute muscles becoming largely dormant, inactive and unable to be engaged properly…

This is predominantly caused from sitting for long periods of time which dramatically decreases blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to the glutes which causes the hip flexors to become stiff…and ultimately prevents the glute muscles from firing properly…

Visually speaking, ‘Sleepy Bum Syndrome’ manifests itself in what’s commonly described as the “Pancake Butt” look.

We then progress to the the next phase of each workout which is where most of our time is spent as it makes up the meat of each workout.

Phase 2
The Activate Phase

Unfortunately, so many popular exercises and routines just flat out miss the mark completely when it comes to effectively activating all 3 muscles of the glutes properly.

Fully engaging, activating and working all 3 muscles of the butt without bulking the thighs can be tricky yet this is one of the most absolute critical pieces of the booty sculpting puzzle.

During the Activate Phase we implement challenging movements customized to fully activate and ignite each individual glute muscle in a very specific order.

Phase 3
The Pump Phase

In this phase we utilize a series of unconventional moves designed to not only deliver a next level tushy tightening booty pump by engorging all 3 glute muscles with blood flow, but to also ignite a massive metabolic boost that can last up to 48 hours after our workout…

I’m of course referring to the ever so powerful afterburn effect…

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