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Yoga For Women

Sadhguru looks at how traditionally, most yogic practices were created with the male body in mind, which is why women should be careful about what they practice and when they practice. He looks at how certain practices being taught around the world today are not appropriate for women.



Sadhguru: If you… if you look at the classic yogic system, it is essentially created for the male body. They did not consider the female body because females never came for sadhana in those times. It was not possible for them to come, for various reasons – biological reasons, social reasons, the way everything else was and because yoga was not taught in a studio, it was taught by some guru somewhere in some cave, in some mountains, some forest, a woman could not go in those days. So largely, ninety percent of the yogic system was oriented towards the male body, not towards the female body. So many systems of yoga, which are being recklessly taught today could damage a woman’s body if not properly handled. One of the things that you are learning is mayurasana. They told you not to do mayurasana? Yeah, because that’s not suitable. It’s a peacock asana, not a peahen asana. (Laughter) So like this there are many aspects, some of them are very physical aspects, some of them more subtle, but they are there. If we have to look at all of them, they’ll all fall asleep on me. I have to… a responsibility of keeping all of them awake, so (Laughs) we cannot go into all of that. But essentially there are certain things a woman should not do at all. There are certain things that she should not do at certain times.

So what she should not do at all? Generally in Isha Yoga we have not even looking at those things, except mayurasana and a few other things which are not… in coming in touch with you. For brahmacharies we have a few things which… which are not necessary for others. So during certain times what you should not do depends from one moment to another. It could be little different. Not everybody suffers those few days as much as somebody else. For some people it throws whole… their whole life off the track. Some people go through it without much disturbance, either in their psychological or physiological system. So depending upon how a particular person is, mild adjustments will have to be made, but if we are doing anything which is very forceful, if we’re doing any practice which is forceful in nature, it is best to avoid it at those times, because any forceful activity could cause agitation in the body and in the mind, because at that time naturally body is seeking a certain amount of rest, a certain amount of quiet… not agitated activity. But today because the whole world is male, including women… Yes, the whole world is masculine, including women because there is no other way to survive and exist in the world. It’s all been structured for masculinity to find expression and women have to fit into it. Sunday holiday, do you understand, whether you like it or not.

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